Selling a home by auction is becoming more and more popular in Western Australia. The benefits are numerous, especially if you are looking to sell quickly. Auctions have a clear timetable set, usually 30 days, and on many occasions the sale price exceeds expectations due to the competitive nature of bidding.

Auctions open the door to motivated buyers and allow the seller to negotiate the sale of their home from a position of strength.  Unlike other home selling methods where buyers dictate the terms and conditions, Auctions give sellers control of the reserve price, settlement date, terms of sale and a cash contract with no cooling off period.

When a property is sold at auction, the buyer pays a 10% deposit immediately and must comply with the terms of sale.  There is no waiting for finance to be approved, no waiting for another property to settle and no waiting for the outcome of a termite or building inspection.

Auctions encourage potential buyers to compete amongst themselves to offer you the best price to a deadline of the auction date, bringing negotiations to a head and reducing the time your home is on the market.

Thinc Real Estate will provide you a well-planned, focussed and coordinated marketing campaign in the weeks leading up to auction day, essential to attracting serious investors and buyers and especially important if you are seeking a quick sale.

If you’re not auctioning your property you are missing out on the best price for your home.

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